On Ilha do Cardoso, there is a community called Caiçara. They have a very nice economic system and they use the Consignment Method: people can buy things paying after they sell their products, with interests. And this is very important for the community because they have a lot of profit. The women are the ones who take care and control the economic activities in the community, besides making handicraft work from recycling materials, like fishing net, as well as clothes, toys, bags, etc.

When we went to Enseada da Baleia, we helped them do some economic activities. It was very nice to learn how to fish: they fish with a net, and the size of it varies according to the species of fish. We fished manjuba and parati. There is another way they use to fish called cerco. It is a wood fence with a net and a trap, the fish which enters cannot escape. We also learned how to plant clams and to salt fish. The community salts the fish for it to last longer.  

It is worth it to go to Enseada to see and learn their techniques for economic activities. Witnessing their lifestyle integrated with nature in a sustainable way is an awesome experience!

Dora, Francisco and Arthur.

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