We, students of 7th Grade A & B from Colégio Oswald de Andrade went to Cardoso Island from August 21st to the 23rd of 2019. The trip lasted about 3 hours, half on the bus to the nearby city of Cananéia and another 4 hours to the island by boat. We had a stop-over on a gas station to have breakfast and on a restaurant in Cananéia to lunch.

On the boat there was a “rap battle” on the back of the boat and for  about 10 minutes we went on the boat’s 2nd floor until it started to rain. 

Day 1

On the first day, when we arrived on Cardoso Island we had  dinner. We ate things like the fish that the community fished, traditional Brazilian food like rice and beans, salad and chicken. Each time we ate something we needed to clean our dishes. After lunch, we did some activities, called “Oficinas”, in which we build a purse to carry bottles made out of recycled industrial fishnet that the fishermen found while fishing. We also went to their observatory on the hill and started to draw a map of the community.

Day 2

On the second day we had breakfast and divided into two groups: A & B. Group A remained on the island and made a shellfish farm, we cutted and salted the fish to make dried fish, completed the map, got to the nearby beach as a sort of “treat” and saw how to catch Niboshi. 

The other group got to the place where the old community was and got on a dry mangrove. After that, we had lunch, reversed the activities of the groups. When we all got back from the activities, we cooked the shellfish, had dinner, made a campfire and danced the traditional dance of the region, “Fandango”.

Day 3 (the last one)

The third day was the most calm of them all, the day started with breakfast, we went to a mangrove that was not dry, got again to the beach to clean ourselves, had a real bath, organized our luggage, got it into the boat and after lunch had an emotional last talk from our coordinator, our teachers, some of the residents from the island and the class representants. We got into the boat, had almost the same travel (4 hours on the boat and 3 hours on the bus) and arrived in São Paulo.

Mariana Krausz, Maria Eduarda, Maria Luiza and Vicente Franzini.