Last month we travelled to Ilha do Cardoso to stay 3 days there, it was a very special and different experience. When we arrived, we knew that they live in  really different culture compared to ours.

Along the trip, we learned and were introduced to a lot of new abilities, taught by the local community. The community lives on Ilha do Cardoso for generations. They struggle from a lot of different laws, because they live in a State Park, so they are deprived from doing and having a lot of things. The economy on Ilha do Cardoso is leaded by women, more specifically Tati (Tatiana Cardoso).

Tati said that it’s very difficult living in an Island, in a way that we, -who live in the big city, can’t understand. When something breaks, the cost is a lot higher, because everything is brought by boat.

Their income activities are: fishing; handicrafting and reutilize fishing net, but the most important thing is fishing. There is many different type of fish there and that is why this is very important, they sold fish in SĂŁo Paulo.

Living on a state park is very difficult, because you cannot occupy the space that you want to, just the one that the government  provided to you. All the recyclable trash had to be taken to other place or be reused. All their furniture need to last a long time because it’s too hard to buy new ones, and it has to be transported by boats.

But anyway the community loves living in  the island, and they would do anything to keep living there. I know that is very hard for us to understand why they prefer live there than in a big city but Cardoso island is their home. 

Our Travel to Cardoso Island was amazing, we had experienced a lot of cool things that we are not used too. The bedrooms were very humble, the bathrooms were shared but anyway it worth spend some days hosted in the island. Beside that that food was wonderful.

Larissa, Theo, LĂ­via and Sophia.