On the second day of our stay at Enseada da Baleia, we visited the opening of the isthmus in the Old Enseada da Baleia, which has this name because the locals had to move to the New Enseada da Baleia.  

The opening of the isthmus was the problem that made the community change its location. When we were going there, many of the inhabitants didn’t want to go because the place is very sad for them due to what happened. The reason for this to be so sad for them is that every time someone was born there, they planted a tree for this person. And when the isthmus opened, many of the trees were destroyed and it has not stopped: the isthmus keeps opening more and more, so the locals started to destroy their own buildings to save materials from the sea.  

We think that our trip were very productive, and it was very interesting because we spent time with another culture, which has on the basis of economy fishing and tourism, completely different from the culture that we normally have in the city.

Nina, Caio, Antônio, Maria and Peter.

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