Ilha do Cardoso is an island in the district of Cananéia. Students from Oswald de Andrade went there to see how the community lives. We discovered that fishing is one of the most important economic activities, and that they have a lot of ways to do it. There is both river and ocean there, which enables many types of fish and other sea animals to live there.

In the river, they make some traps which catch fish and drive them to a fishing net.They also have ways to fish iriko, taínha and others. In the ocean, they use a fishing method in which a person stays on the beach holding one side of the net and the other person goes deeper into the ocean with the other side.

They had lots of trouble with the gap that divided the island, which happened in 2018, they had to move to another side of the island. After the disruption, many fish and other sea animals stopped being available, which made people stop fishing some of kinds of fish, like robalo and mussels.

Because of the troubles with the fishing, the community had to start buying fish to re-sell. Now they buy some tainhas salt them. After that, they sell the salted tainhas for a better price.

We liked a lot to go to Ilha do Cardoso, because it is a very different community, and it is pretty cool to know more about it. There, we did many types of fishing, and we liked it because we felt as if we were part of the community.


Sofia, Eduardo, João, Pedro and Antônio P.

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