Fishing is one of the most important economic activities on Cardoso Island. They fish thousands of fish by year. Just on the day they showed us how they do it, they had taken more than 20 fish! 

When we went on this trip, to the island, we realized the men fish in many different ways: with their hands, with a trap, a homemade fishing net, and they taught us how to do it. 

We tried to fish with the fishing net, it was a really nice and wet experience! Two people held the net, one from each side, and then we just waited for the fish to come and grabbed it. But obviously as we are not experts, we got more waves on the head than fish. Anyway, waves come and waves go, we got 5 fish!

After it, we watched the women who live there dry the fish, which is basically to open the head and the tiny body of the animal, remove all the organs and put salt all over its opened body. After watching they do this, they  taught us how to. 

It is a very different and interesting experience, so if you are going to Cardoso Island, this is a nice activity to try! And after it, you can eat the fish that was already dried, and it is so good!

Ana, Caíque, Lia and Sophia.

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