7th grade went to Cardoso island in Cananéia, we learned many things. We learned about fauna and flora, fishing, food, economy, the culture and story of the place.

We went to a dry mangrove to see the impact of the separation of the island caused. Because of that the salinity of the water changed and the mangrove was dying because of the salinity of the sea, the mud turned into a type of sand, and we could walk without being stuck in the mud.

That was a good experience, we saw nature transforming itself.

In that same mangrove we saw 2 crabs, a little crab with a big claw and a small one and a big crab with two big claws, it was so cool. We learned how to see if it’s male or a female crab. One of the crabs (Big crab) lived on a tree, that tree was cutted, but not with axes, chainsaws, machines, etc… it was cutted by the nature itself. 

Being there was a unique experience, it was relaxing, funny, and we learned many things.

Kalui, Lorenzo and Mariana.