Izabela Lee, Rafael Budoya and Laura Freire.

Hi guys! We are Brazilian students and we are here to tell you guys how it is in Cardoso Island! We’re so excited to write this about our country.

We set away from our school Oswald de Andrade and we were on the bus for five hours to get to Cananéia, which is also an island. We ate on a restaurant and finally we went to the boat. It took us five hours to get near the island, in a maze of rivers with many mangroves.

It was beautiful when we were on the island, with low forests, many trees and all this very close to the sea. The weather was very humid and hot.

There were many species of trees such as (we put the scientific name of the trees): Libidibia ferrea, Rhizophora mangle, Clethra scabra. Those are the popular trees.

About the fishing… As you might guess, the Cardoso island is very far from the city so the fish rot very fast. Therefore they keep it in salt to dry the fish and avoiding it to rot.

Cardoso Island