Pedro Lemos Boggio.

The 7 grades went to Enseada da Baleia, more specifically to a community of fisherman in Cardoso Island with a goal to studys the habits of who lives in there.

The Island is located in extreme shore of SP, we went for 3 days – between 29th and 31th- we got there  by boat with quiron travel agency.

The community  share their income equality, the community has already reached RS 800 for each one of the community per week.

The community passed on troubles, because the death of mister Malaquias, and because of island being considered a park.

Mister Malaquias was kind like of a leader of the community, because he was stay contact with the fish buyers, and the other economic questions related to the island.

The community was founded a 173 years before by a japanese guy named Kuxiama, he was partner of dad of the mister Malaquias

By according to our interviews i noticed that the people of the community dont want move to another place, they are fighting to stay in the island.

The old cove recently suffered an erosion, this happens because the residents of the old community opens a path to pass boats, this makes a 173 meter of length of the island and country

this was predictable, because of that nobody’s lives in the old community.