Mariana Zabotto Udiloff.

Today we’re going to talk about Cardoso Island community. We went to Cardoso  Island with the school to learn more about the differences between the big cities and isolated areas. Cardoso Island had a lot of problems related to ecology and mainly to governmental laws regarding their territory.

The community’s economical activities are: fishing, handmade productos, educational tourism and others . Mr Malaquias was the leader of the community and regulated those activities, but then when he passed away woman assumed the community and started to rebuild it. One of the conflicts that the community had was related to the government when they wanted to spew out them from the park. Other problem that they had was when Mr.Malaquis died and all the experience of the trades of the community died with him.

When the woman asked for government support them, they started a continuous fight for rights . All off the problems that the community had are interconnected.

Nowadays, Cardoso Island rebuilded their community and started a new story.