Gabriela Matsui, Paulo Mourão, Yuka Chacur.


Birds are very important for the environment. They help spread seeds in other areas after eating fruits. They are important for the food chain, without them some animals are without prey and others without predators.

In Brazil there is a state park and we have some interesting species of birds and some facts about them.

1st) Papagaio-de-cara-roxa/Amazonas brasiliensis

-A small green bird with a purple face.

-Lives in places from Sao paulo to Rio grande do sul.

-Species reaches 36 cm in length.

-Make their nest in the hollow of tall trees, preferring palms.

2nd)Jacutinga/Pipile jacutinga

-its all black with small white traces on the neck, it has a red spot below the neck.

-the jacutinga has 75 cm in length.

-eats fruit and left-overs on the floor.

3rd)jacuaçu/penelope obscura

-the Jacuaçu has also 73 cm.

-feeds on fruits,leaves and small creatures.

-looks vaguely like a peacock,but without all the colors and long tail.

-is small with round body but is very agile and fast