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Fishing on the island

Ilha do Cardoso is an island in the district of Cananéia. Students from Oswald de Andrade went there to see how the community lives. We discovered that fishing is one of the most important economic activities, and that they have a lot of ways to do it. There is both river and ocean there, which enables many types of fish and other sea animals to live there. In the river, they make some traps which [...]

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Transport on Cardoso Island

Transport is not easy on Cardoso Island. Residents have to go to places by boat. They have schooners and speed boats. To get to the island, we used a schooner because it carries more people, although it is much slower than the speed boat that can just carry 10 people tops. The residents also have the bus boat that they use to carry children to school. To get on the boats, children younger than 18 [...]

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Old Enseada da Baleia

On the second day of our stay at Enseada da Baleia, we visited the opening of the isthmus in the Old Enseada da Baleia, which has this name because the locals had to move to the New Enseada da Baleia.   The opening of the isthmus was the problem that made the community change its location. When we were going there, many of the inhabitants didn't want to go because the place is very sad for [...]

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Ilha do Cardoso´s transportation

The only transportation to get on Cardoso Island are boats, they are used to take the children to school and to take people to the city where they work. The food and all the things that the island needs come from the city of Cananeia.  When we got to Enseada da Baleia, we saw a school boat that the students from the island use to go to the schools in Cananeia. It is very smart [...]

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The Economic Activities

On Ilha do Cardoso, there is a community called Caiçara. They have a very nice economic system and they use the Consignment Method: people can buy things paying after they sell their products, with interests. And this is very important for the community because they have a lot of profit. The women are the ones who take care and control the economic activities in the community, besides making handicraft work from recycling materials, like fishing [...]

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Fishing on Cardoso Island

Fishing is one of the most important economic activities on Cardoso Island. They fish thousands of fish by year. Just on the day they showed us how they do it, they had taken more than 20 fish!  When we went on this trip, to the island, we realized the men fish in many different ways: with their hands, with a trap, a homemade fishing net, and they taught us how to do it.  We tried [...]

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THE day-by-day in Cardoso Island

Travel We, students of 7th Grade A & B from Colégio Oswald de Andrade went to Cardoso Island from August 21st to the 23rd of 2019. The trip lasted about 3 hours, half on the bus to the nearby city of Cananéia and another 4 hours to the island by boat. We had a stop-over on a gas station to have breakfast and on a restaurant in Cananéia to lunch. On the boat there was [...]

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The work of women and men on Ilha do Cardoso

There in Cardoso Island the work function is divided between genres,for exemples, fishing is the job of men and women is crafts, taking care of the economy of the beach, making dinner and cutting and salting the fish. The woman there well empowered and make a big decisions.All as women participate in the making of the pieces, and each of their functions. Like pieces can be handbags, wallets, necklaces, bracelets, details in overalls, pants, skirts [...]

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Our Travel to Ilha do Cardoso 🌊🐠🌴

Last month we travelled to Ilha do Cardoso to stay 3 days there, it was a very special and different experience. When we arrived, we knew that they live in  really different culture compared to ours. Along the trip, we learned and were introduced to a lot of new abilities, taught by the local community. The community lives on Ilha do Cardoso for generations. They struggle from a lot of different laws, because they live [...]

Our Travel to Ilha do Cardoso 🌊🐠🌴2019-10-21T07:49:32-03:00

Different experiences at Cardoso Island

7th grade went to Cardoso island in Cananéia, we learned many things. We learned about fauna and flora, fishing, food, economy, the culture and story of the place. We went to a dry mangrove to see the impact of the separation of the island caused. Because of that the salinity of the water changed and the mangrove was dying because of the salinity of the sea, the mud turned into a type of sand, and [...]

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